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PDF format remains popular as a format for texts and images dispersed online. With PDFs, creators can control distribution and usage rights with security and copy content prohibition. For official documents, makers can verify authenticity with a signature image. Having a versatile PDF creation program is essential for businesses, but the choice of application doesn't have to be complicated. DoPDF is a simple program that gives users all the options they need to produce quality PDFs from the office or home.

DoPDF works like a printer driver; users can even choose to make the program the default printer, a convenient option for settings where electronic documents are the norm. After accessing the simple tutorial at the application's website, users can get started making PDFs out of purchase orders, invoices and more. The creation process begins with a simple Startup window that converts the file of choice. While all instructions are immediately visible, additional assistance can be found in the Help file.

A few settings are available that let users turn on font embedding, designate default folders for future PDF conversions and opt to open PDFs in the local system's default reader. Additional settings are available to users who purchase the paid version, but the basic form of doPDF will accomplish everything needed by almost all users. Unfortunately, doPDF doesn't retain the original names of files converted to PDFs, but this won't be a problem for most situations.

After conversion, doPDF produces a finished PDF that accurately represents the original document, including the types of fonts and images used. Even watermarks can be added to establish authenticity and copyright, and users can make bookmarks for e-books and other extended PDFs for user friendliness. Above all, doPDF does its job very well in taking the place of paper printing for digital documents of all kinds.

doPDF is a free PDF conversion tool. With doPDF, you can do the work in a program like Word, but still end up with a PDF. Installed as a virtual printer driver, doPDF can be used with any application that has a print function. After installation is complete, the tool will appear in your list of printers and faxes, and under All Programs. Select doPDF as the printer, and the computer creates a PDF file instead of a printed page. Files can also be converted through the doPDF interface, which installs as an .exe file and is available in your Start menu.


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